Eyewear Innovation – Unveiling the Latest

Oct 7, 2023 | Eyewear, Uncategorized

This episode of Fix It Radio highlighted the forefront of eyewear innovation with Allan from Stack Optical. Host John Rush steered the discussion toward numerous groundbreaking innovations.

Revolutionary Night Vision Lenses
This episode of Fix It Radio featured Allan Davis from Stack Optical discussing a transformative night driving lens. This innovation promises safer nocturnal travel by mitigating headlight glare, a boon for night drivers and those in snowy conditions.

Custom Eyewear for Every Profession
The conversation then turned to the importance of personalized eyewear. Allan emphasized the need for glasses tailored to the wearer’s profession, whether it be plumbing or auto mechanics, ensuring the eyewear supports the user’s daily activities.

Technological Leap in Lens Manufacturing
Eyewear technology has advanced significantly, with computers now essential in crafting lenses. This progress allows for exact optics control, a stark contrast to previous limitations. Progressive lenses were also highlighted, designed to cater to specific occupational needs.

Navigating Macular Degeneration
The discussion took a serious turn when addressing macular degeneration. Allan shed light on the limitations of glasses in aiding this condition and suggested consulting with a doctor for advice on managing eye health, potentially with the help of technology and vitamins.

Emergency Eyewear Repairs: Dos and Don’ts
Allan concluded with valuable advice for emergency repairs. He warned against using superglue, which damages lenses, and offered alternative solutions like toothpicks or fishing line for a temporary fix until professional help is available.

This Fix It Radio episode not only highlighted the latest eyewear trends but also provided practical knowledge for managing vision needs. For those interested in the latest eyewear developments or seeking custom vision solutions, Allan’s insights are a must-hear.

Catch the full interview below and don’t miss the chance to enhance your visual experience with expert advice.

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