DIY Retaining Wall

Jun 1, 2024 | DIY Retaining Wall, Uncategorized

In this Fix It Radio Short, Jerzee Joe called in about the challenges and an innovative solution in home landscaping. Joe shared his firsthand experience with a recurring problem where mulch from his sloping garden would overrun the pavers next to his driveway during heavy rainstorms.

Describing his initial setup, Joe mentioned that his garden, separated from the driveway by a mere four-inch row of pavers, consistently failed to contain the mulch due to its uphill grade. In search of a better solution, Joe discovered a highly effective product (sample) – a step block designed to resemble individual stones. These 16-inch irregular stair-step blocks are aesthetically pleasing and ingeniously designed to interlock. By placing one block on top of another, Joe created a flat, stable surface, resulting in a robust 20-inch tall retaining wall in just 30 minutes.

John highlighted the remarkable advancements in the field, noting how modern technology, including CAD drawings, has revolutionized landscaping materials that were unavailable two decades ago. The availability and affordability of these innovative blocks (priced around $8 each) make them an attractive option for both functionality and visual appeal. These blocks, varying in height from eight to twelve inches, also offer versatility. For instance, they can be arranged to form not just walls but also various structures like flower boxes, providing solutions for multiple landscaping challenges.

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