Recharging Electronics and Fire Safety

Oct 21, 2023 | Electronics, Fire Safety, Uncategorized

In this episode of Fix It Radio, host John Rush took on the critical topic of recharging electronics and fire safety. He focused on the dangers lurking in our everyday gadgets. John shared insights from a professional in the fire industry about a recent incident where a DeWalt battery charger had caused a fire in a garage.

Match Your Charges

This eye-opening discussion revealed that common misconceptions about circuit breakers and electrical faults could lead to dangerous outcomes.  John emphasized that chargers might not always trigger a circuit breaker, leading to potential overheating and fire risks. He also warned against using adapters that allow batteries from one brand to be used with tools from another, especially if the charger wasn’t designed for the battery type. The advice on recharging electronics was clear: match your charger with the battery type to avoid unnecessary risks.

An iPad Battery Explosion

The episode didn’t just highlight problems but also offered solutions. John provided essential tips on electrical safety, especially as people were heading into the colder months and starting to use devices like space heaters more frequently. He shared personal practices and anecdotes, including a harrowing story about an iPad battery explosion, to underscore the importance of vigilance with our devices.


In this episode, learn strategies that can help protect your home from electrical fires. Plus, John covered preparing a sprinkler system for the winter, smart meters, tool manufacturers, and how a moving blanket can come in handy.

In the spring and summer if you’re caught in a hail hailstorm and you can’t park inside, put a moving blanket on your car.

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