Sprinkler System Blowouts

Oct 28, 2023 | Sprinklers

If You Haven’t yet Blown Out Your Sprinklers

On this episode of “Fix it Radio,” host John Rush and Chadrick Gardner from Raise Tech discussed the importance of sprinkler system blowouts as winter approaches. With temperatures dropping, John emphasized the urgency of protecting sprinkler systems from freezing. If you haven’t yet blown out your sprinklers, John advised to at least turn off the water supply from inside the house and insulate the backflow valve with insulation and duct tape, or even a blanket, to prevent freezing.

Chadrick agreed, adding that homeowners should drain the line from the inside and crack the petcock valve outside to allow it to breathe so that the heat from the house can help prevent the system from freezing if adequately insulated.

John also addressed those with older homes or unique setups, such as sprinkler systems not adjacent to the house, that these systems will have a backflow valve somewhere on the property, and it’s crucial to locate and insulate it.

Variability of Colorado’s Weather

With the variability of Colorado’s weather, John noted that it could warm up after a cold snap, allowing residents to continue watering their lawns. Chadrick also indicated that the blowout services offered by Raise Tech are, at times, adaptable to the fluctuating climate.

Throughout the segment, John and Chadrick provide practical advice for homeowners to protect their sprinkler systems from sudden cold weather and how to adapt to Colorado’s unpredictable weather patterns. Further in the discussion, Chadrick added a few little tips and tricks for sprinkler blowouts for someone who is a little handier and how they can do this themselves. Plus, they covered the tool side of things and pneumatic fittings.

On this episode of Fix It Radio, various people called in with their sprinkler questions and so much more! Take a listen and find out.

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