Shielding Your Space: Hidden Cameras, Trackers, and More

Apr 27, 2024 | Internet, Privacy, Uncategorized

On this episode of Fix It Radio, John Rush takes us through a captivating discussion on “Shielding Your Space: Hidden Cameras, Trackers, and More.” Today’s technological landscape offers a myriad of devices designed to protect and monitor, but it also exposes us to potential privacy invasions like never before. Tune in as we explore the essential tools and knowledge needed to safeguard your personal spaces from hidden cameras and tracking devices.

In addition to physical security measures, John delves into the digital realm, discussing where our online activities are monitored. This segment unpacks the complexities of internet privacy and the near-impossibility of remaining completely untraceable online unless one chooses to live entirely off the grid.

This episode isn’t just about identifying the threats; it’s about empowering you with information and tools to protect yourself. Whether you’re setting up a new security system at home or trying to ensure your privacy in a digital world that never sleeps, John offers insights that are not to be missed. 

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