Most Homeowners Aren’t Doing These Things But Need To

Jan 6, 2024 | Basic Maintenance, Uncategorized

In this episode of Fix It Radio, John covered an article from The Family Handyman: 51 Things Most Homeowners Aren’t Doing But Need To. He discussed the importance of cleaning out not only the dryer vent line, but also the dryer itself and other uses for dryer lint. 

Have you checked your faucet aerators? No matter where you live and how much it gets purified at the city treatment plant, you’ll still have some of that build-up. Plus, what about cleaning in between the glass on your oven doors? Does the residue and dirt level vary between manufacturers and price points? John gave some helpful tips on buying and cleaning ovens. 

Keeping right on track, he moved through the kitchen appliances and discussed why refurbishing an older refrigerator may be better than buying a new one. This led to a stroll down memory lane on how appliances’ interior and exterior designs have changed over the years and the auto industry’s influence on them. Plus, how vintage-era items are in demand.

Several listeners called in with questions and comments that made this episode of Fix It Radio one to be noticed. Grab the podcast below! 

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